Shields clothing pre-order form

At Tree of Shields we have long been using a large, faceless corporation to sell our club kit. This has not only been very expensive to our members and of low quality, but none of the money comes back to the Shields treasury. (As a non-profit organisation, all money taken by Shields gets spent on Shields.)

We’ve spent considerable time sourcing durable, high quality prints to take this in house, and are now able to offer our products not only to a much higher standard, but at roughly half the price.

The first run we will be doing will be at a reduced price and delivered in the next 8 weeks, as we finalise our printing and supply with a great small business in our HQ town of Keighley.



The prices are as follows:

Vests are £12 each.

T-shirts are £12 each.

Ladies V-neck T-shirts are £12.

Pull-over Hoodies are £18.

Zipper Hoodies are £19.

Delivery is £4 for as many items as you like.

To order, please fill in the form below, and an invoice payable via PayPal will be sent to your email address. This does not require you to have a PayPal account, as the invoice is also payable by card. I will update you on your order as we get them printed.





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