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I love spending time with the shields clan whenever I can get down on a Monday eve. They create a warm and inviting environment and encourage a fun and safe have a go attitude for any new members who feel like trying something different. Everyone brings different knowledge and interests to the group so there is always loads to learn and talk about. There is honestly never a dull moment with this lot. I used to hate Mondays.

– James


A highly recommended HEMA club with a range of ages and martial arts backgrounds. Mostly competitive sparring in various forms, but there is also a focus on teaching new members through structured sparring. Decent amount and variety of club kit, and a very friendly membership who will invariably lend equipment to new members so they can scrap.

– Alexander


Lovely group of guys and girls. Very welcoming and they kick arse too.

– Bradley


One of the most fun groups of people I know – if you like HEMA but don’t take it too seriously and want to fight, have fun, and probably end up roped into a night out that will generate stories you’ll be telling for months, come to Shields.

– Anthony


There may be more entertaining ways of bruising one’s thighs, but a) they’re probably illegal, b) they’ll cost a darn sight more than £5 and c) you won’t get a cup of tea halfway through. Anyone who wants to hit people with swords should come here and do just that, though be warned – they do hit back.

– Gabriel
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